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Great Idea To Spur Real Tort Reform

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Ben Glass has put together what may be the start of a real wave of trot reform. It’s something that many of those who are singing the praises of how the world will be turned around if you just stop all of those lawsuits. If that’s you, run this form off and do your part to save the world:


You can drop it off in every dealing that you have with anyone. That way, they will feel safe and be able to do what they want to you.

It will be a great way to save yourself from any annoying tests or quality care, because they could let the janitor do that next surgery and save themselves some money.

It also would square many of the people who preach the U S Constitution as the answer and then seem to forget the 7th Amendment. This way, they are at least signing that amendment out of their lives.

I look forward to see who does really do what they want to do to so many others.