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Motorcycle Accidents Increasing In Minnesota

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With the raising prices of gas, it’s little
surprise that there are more two wheel vehicles on the road. State
registrations indicate that the number of Motorcycle owners has doubled since
1996. Along with more cycles, there also has been an increase in
motorcycle accidents.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation released
information last week that found a 17 year peak in injuries on two wheels in 2007. Thankfully the numbers
of fatalities decreased from 2006, but injuries were the highest since

A disturbing finding was that in 2007, one third of
those killed on a motorcycle, exceeded the legal impaired- motorist limit. A number that it even more troubling when you consider that the blood alcohol limit was actually .02 higher in 2007 at .10. It was also found that
55% of the fatalities were in solo accidents.

Along with motorcycles , moped’s registrations
doubled since 2002. Tracking has just started on moped injury and accident

In looking at the numbers, a couple of things are
– don’t drink and drive
– start seeing motorcycle and their smaller friends
the mopeds
– and let’s make sure all drivers share the