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Special Merry Christmas Memories


Due to having divorced parents I had the opportunity growing up of seeing Christmas arrive in two separate parts of the country. With my Mmom, Christmas in Rhode Island was lobster dinner at my God Mothers, midnight mass and opening of the first presents sometime around 1:30 am Christmas morning. I was a part of a labor Catholic union family that often saw some snow, but it really wasn’t that cold outside.

With my Dad, New Mexico Christmases were much warmer. The highlight was the old adobe church that was surrounded by Luminarias and  a basement full of excellent Mexican food. It was a little slower and had the much warmer Midwestern feel.

In Minnesota, my kids usually get a lot of snow and cold. It’s hockey tournaments, a Holidazzle parade and Christmas programs. As they groe we have added Select Choir and an Orchestra concert.

I hope for all of our Legal Examiner readers each of your Christmases are filled with you and your families own special memories. May the Holiday season be a safe and healthy one.


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  1. Bob says:
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    Good story!

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    Thank you and thank you for reading.

  3. jc says:
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    I am hoping for a Christmas present, too, Mike. In Ohio, we are working on a house bill to restrict malpractice litigation and get rid of frivolous suits. Hope we get this done in liberal Ohio. Merry Christmas!

  4. Mike Bryant says:
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    Dr Cox you truly are a inspiration and must have taken such good care of the money you treated. So for New Years how about promising to tell that family the truth?