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Usually, I find a lot of the rhetoric about what affect each government budget will have to be just talk. We need to balance a number of items and not everyone is going to be happy. Personally, I don’t like seeing the poor, young, old, or injured hurt, but that’s more the type of work I do and those that I feel are important. I strongly agree with the idea that those who benefit the most should also shoulder more of the burden on making everything run.

But a recent story made me support the recent budget a little more. Apparently, health insurance and pharmaceutical companies are quite concerned. The Obama budget calls for the health insurance companies that manage the states programs to get paid less and it will pay the drug makers less for what they provide. That sounds great.

The pharmaceutical companies were allowed to write their own bill for governmental coverage and have been almost running the FDA for the last 8 years. They have taken from the system in a gluttony that far exceeds what even the greatest welfare cheat could even dream of. The health insurance companies that profit from direct governmental payments have been printing money. Check their balance sheets.

Now I’m sure they companies will claim that millions , if not trillions of senior citizens are going to be hurt. But I would suspect it may be their profits that they are really worried about.

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