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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

The FDA is warning the public about the number of fake offers for preventing or curing people form H1N1. Right now there are large number of websites that offer miracle protections. These offers include fake "Tamiflu" pills from India.

The FDA reported that they ordered one of these offers:

One order, which arrived in an unmarked envelope from India, consisted of unlabeled white pills that contained talc and the common pain reliever acetaminophen, the FDA said. Others contained various amounts of oseltamivir but were not approved for use in the United States.

The FDA has also ordered doctor Andrew Weil to stop marketing his Immune Support Formula to protect against the H1N1 flu virus.

"Claims that a dietary supplement can prevent, treat or cure human infection with the H1N1 virus must be supported by well-controlled human clinical studies," the regulatory agencies said in a warning letter to Weil.

At present shots are the only approved method for prevention and oseltamivir or another antiviral drug, zanamivir — an inhaled medicine produced as Relenza by GlaxoSmithKline Plc can help relieve the severity after an infection.

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