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Friday, The Minneapolis Tribune reported about a meningitis outbreak that was taking place both in Minnesota and Nationally:

Fungal meningitis has been diagnosed in two women hospitalized in Minnesota after receiving injectable steroids from a pharmacy in Massachusetts, the Minnesota Department of Health reported on Saturday.

Nationwide, seven people with the illness have died, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta reported Saturday. The cases of the Minnesota women — who are both in their 40s and whose names and hometowns have not been released — are among the most recent of 60 diagnosed nationwide, the CDC said.

The problems have been linked to contaminated steroid pain injections. Others here at the Legal Examiner have pointed out that the same problems are being seen in their states:

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As David Mittleman explained:

The type of meningitis that has affected 49 people across the country with five deaths, is not contagious. Instead, the meningitis has been linked to a type of mold commonly found on leaves that somehow contaminated steroid injection pain medications sent to clinics and hospitals. The state most affected so far was Tennessee, where one clinic received the largest shipment of the pain medication and administered it to hundreds of patients. The company responsible for the manufacture of the medication recently reported that it was working with the FDA to identify the exact origination of the problem and has also temporarily ceased operations.

There have already been seven deaths linked to this outbreak.

Update: There are three confirmed cases in Minnesota , but the state epidemiologist has notified "hundreds of Minnesotans" that they should be examined:

suspicious symptoms, such as headache, fever, chills, stiff neck, weakness and slurred speech. Because many have chronic illnesses, she said, "it's really difficult to be able to know" if the symptoms were caused by contaminated steroids. "So they're being referred for evaluation.".

Here in Minnesota, the Medical Advanced Pain Specialists and the Minnesota Surgery Center have been identified receiving injections that were produced by New England Compounding Center, a specialty pharmacy in Massachusetts.

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