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The Medicare changed have been well documented for the inside deals that were made with the pharmaceutical companies. As legislators just off well financed campaigns took care of their contributors. Key bill leaders and their staffs even turned up as pharmaceutical executives a short time after they got the bill into law.

It was announced this week that the Part D bargain is now going away. The latest example of what a horrid bill this was. Rates are going to increase and coverages are going to drop. Everyone is being told it’s a budget issue. It’s sad that at a time when bailouts are being negotiated that the oldest and weakest among us are being told there just isn’t any money.

This was a bad bill and it was put through in an outrageous manner. Like a number of the other decisions that have been made by gone or leaving political leaders, those who get elected in 2008 will be left with fixing the problem. It’s important that all voters take this into consideration at all levels of the process. Ask who’s financing the campaign and why.

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