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The meningitis outbreak continues to be a cause for concern, as the Minneapolis Tribune reported, there are a number of cases of people who have symptoms and still testing negative:

Even the experts admit that they've been baffled by the unfolding outbreak. Just last week, Minnesota reported its 13th confirmed case tied to the steroids — in a young woman who tested negative for meningitis. When doctors discovered that she had a bone infection instead, it was a reminder of what an elusive culprit they've been chasing.

The concern is that this is a condition that is complicated by the type of person who gets injections (already suffering from many of the same type of symptoms) and the unique outbreak. With over 1000 Minnesotans and many more nationally involved, hope is that the experts will soon get a handle on what can be done.

The problems have been linked to contaminated steroid pain injections. Others here at the Legal Examiner have pointed out that the same problems are being seen in their states:

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Patients who have received injections are urged to seek medical attention right away.

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