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Iowa Senator Grassley is leading the investigation into Dr. Joseph Biederman, the doctor who was cooking the books on the trial testing of pharmaceuticals. The testing to determine whether drugs are safe for kids. Last week, it was revealed that he was giving the companies the results they needed.

Senator Grassley’s inquiry is based upon slides that were presented to Johnson and Johnson by the "doctor" that were under the heading "Key Projects for 2005". One of the slides offered "critical competitive data on safety and efficacy of risperidone (an antipsychotic) in children" others talked about other ways to use the drug Concerta for teenagers with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. These were slides from the person selling the product. These were slides by the guy doing the safety testing, before there was even a test. He surely was selling something.

Medical malpractice cases are tough to deal with. Product cases on pharmaceutical issues can be even tougher. Clients are questioned about all aspects of their lives, they are attacked over the smallest consistency, and it’s a fight from beginning to end. It’s interesting to see what some of the defenses have been based on. Joe Biederman, a Harvard Medical School professor and a psychiatrist at Mass. General, what a great guy.

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