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The recent death of Gary Coleman is a tragedy. He fell and banged his head. The medical professionals are indicating that the injury along with his multiple health issues is what put him in a coma. Hopefully the sudden death will make people aware of the dangers of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and how fragile life can be.

Over time, I have represent a number of clients with TBI injuries. These are tragic injuries that still require a lot more study. As I covered in a previously discussed in a blog about sports injuries, we need to make sure that our children are well protected against these types of injuries.

It is a reminder of the past death of Natasha Richardson that didn’t happen immediately. She struck her head and got up like nothing was wrong. It’s not unusual at all that people who fall are embarrassed and feel dumb for haven fallen. What doctors having found is that with this type of injury the brain will start to swell and bleed. There isn’t enough room inside the skull. The resulting damage to brain tissue will be irreversible and can mean death.

Doctor’s have also been looking at the difference between Coleman’s death and the trauma which Bret Michael’s has endured in pointing out the differences that the brain deals with hemorrhages. Another issue that needs more research and will be helped by the publicity.

Sympathy goes out to Coleman’s family and friends. He will be missed for the roles she played. Hopefully, many people will learn from it.

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