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We saw it with Natasha Richardson. A death after suffering what seemed like a inconsequential head injury. In that case, there is no doubt that she needed immediate medical care. Apparently, on Saturday Billy Mays hit his head when he was involved in a very bumpy plane flight. That night he went to bed not feeling well and the next morning he was found dead. Much more will need to be found out about what happened and if there is a link. Doctors are now opining it was heart disease. But, if nothing else this may again remind people about the importance of checking out head injuries.

The issue that was important to keep in mind following the Richardson’s death, is that it wasn’t immediately obvious. She struck her head and got up like nothing was wrong. People who fall are embarrassed and feel dumb for having fallen. What doctors have found is that with injuries to the brain there will be swelling and bleeding. There simply isn’t enough room inside the skull. The resulting damage to brain tissue will be irreversible and can lead to death if it goes unchecked.

Any person concerned about a head injury should get into the doctors and be looked at thoroughly and immediately. Wayne Parsons, a fellow Injuryboard member, covered why in a way that all people should take the time to read.

Sympathy goes out to the Mays family and friends. He will be remembered as a consummate pitchman that seemed to love his work. Hopefully, many people will remember and learn from his passing.


  1. Gravatar for I Adams

    Thank you very much for this very helpful information. My children's pediatrician also mentioned that with a head/face injury NO Swelling is more cause for alarm.

  2. Gravatar for Austin

    "Doctors Will Be Looking At Potential Head Injury With Billy May's Death"

    "Sympathy goes out to the May's family"

    Mays is the last name, not May. Possessive would be " Mays' ", and it would be "the Mays family".

  3. Gravatar for Mike Bryant

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read and comment. Austin thanks for the heads up, I apologize for the error on my part.

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