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Every one is going to get sick. Hopefully, not sick enough to be hospitalized. But, we all need hospitals for our family or friends at different times in our lives. The "Dead By Mistake" series of articles from the Hearst newspapers is an important piece of journalism that everyone should read and know about.

10 years ago, a national study looked at the number of deaths and adverse incidents in America’s hospitals, and the totals were shocking. Reporting agencies were set up to track the problems an help to prevent them. Since that time:

The numbers of deaths and injuries are startling. This series , in combination with the previous report of increase incidents in Minnesota, should cause concern for everyone. It is also troubling to think of all the past events that have gone by unreported. How many people were killed or severely injured and nothing was said? Hopefully, the the warning of ten years ago will now be heard.


  1. Gravatar for Daniel 8791

    Is cleaning and sanitazation important at nursing facilities and hospitals ? Of course it is, but it is something that seems to have missed a family member of mine last year. Age would likely dispel my hunch and logic though. A lot of these places need to treat it's residents and patients better, as if they were their own parents. Hopefully this will be more the case in the following months and years.

  2. Gravatar for Mike Bryant

    The need to take care of the patents and report it when they don't . Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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