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There was a spat of complaints that were being thrown out there that the new Health Insurance legislation included death panels. It seems that anyone who can read has been able to find that the basic claim is untrue and that any broader reading only allows for doctors and patents to consult and make decisions together outside insurance companies.

But what do we have right now? The New York Times recently looked at the issue and found some scary things. They covered the story of Eric De La Cruz, of Las Vegas, who was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. He couldn’t find coverage because of a pre-existing condition. instead he had to post a deposit of at least $150,000 to be evaluated and placed on a heart transplant waiting list. The cost of all of his care was nearly $1 million dollars for a transplant and subsequent hospital care. His sister, Veronica De La Cruz, through a public campaign raised nearly $1 million in less than two weeks. He was able to enter the University of Southern California health system and was placed on the ‘high-priority transplant list. But, as his sister pointed out after the " all the delays and denials", too much time had passed and he became too sick for the procedure" and died on July 4.

Just one story, but an example of the system that we have right now. A system that denies coverage and delays claim after claim. Now , I would agree that there isn’t a panel in hangman masks making the decision, but the reality is that there should be outrage with what people are not getting right now.

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