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For many Americans, the Obama administration directive to seriously attack the heath care crisis was a welcomed plan. There is no doubt that costs are continuing to rise and more and more people are in need of help paying for their care. As always, there will be groups that will want to gain financially from the outcome. The disaster that was created when the pharmaceutical companies wrote their own prescription law will be a cost that we will face forever.

It is expected that the insurance interests will want to focus on tort reform to achieve money savings. The first question is savings for whom? We’ve been spending the month of May here at the Injuryboard discussing the issue of tort reform. There is no support for the notion that the amount of money paid in claims is a significant part of the whole medical budget. There is also solid support that tort reform fixes will only drive down care and leave even more consumers without protections.

Now, I can hear it already. Everyone needs to feel the pain. Well tell me what person who has been the subject of a significant malpractice injury hasn’t felt the pain already? Won’t a focus on better care and safer conditions do more to reduce the problems? These are important constitutional rights that every consumer needs to have protected. That needs to be clear as all of those around the table take a seat with their own interests.


  1. Gravatar for Daniel 8791
    Daniel 8791

    I fully agree with your stance that this "reform process" really needs to be watched very closely. I as an American am glad and indeed proud that yourself and others with the Injuryboard along with other persons and groups are keeping the reality of the consequences under the spotlight. Liberty and justice is being threatened and hopefully will be maintained to a healthy degree with any bit of luck and common logic at all.

  2. Gravatar for Mike Bryant
    Mike Bryant

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and to read our posts. It is important to getting the word out.

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