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This week, the New England Journal of Medicine looked at the candidates plans for dealing with medical issues. In a clear sign that there would be a continuation of the assault on

patients rights Senator McCain stated:

Our tort system is an invitation to endless, frivolous lawsuits by trial lawyers who exploit patients and physicians alike. I understand that the fear of lawsuits not only forces doctors to perform unnecessary tests but also often poisons the relationship between patients and doctors. That is why I have been a consistent advocate of medical-liability-reform legislation, and I believe it must be a central aspect of any health care reform effort.

With eight years of State of the Unions that have said more and worst things about Trial Lawyers than Terrorists, it’s clear that the old Karl Rove tactic of "attack the lawyers" is still at work with the supposed new comer to change.

Medical Malpractice claims make up less that one half of one percent of all medical costs. This past May, this same magazine reported a study that found that almost every medical malpractice suit filed in the United States has a meritorious basis and rejects claims that the civil justice system is inundated with frivolous lawsuits. It also found that the number of medical malpractice claims was down.

It’s time that the truth to these unsupported attacks come out. While most polls show that legal rights aren’t near the top of peoples issues when looking at candidates, this is another example of why voting the wrong way can hurt some of societies most injured.

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