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I’ve been watching the health care debate for the last couple of weeks. It’s really tough to actually call this a debate considering it really is just a bunch of delay, deny and defend by a group that has never been interested in passing anything. But, they really seem to be capable of saying just about everything. A couple of my favorites:

  • There has been no debate ( a number of them have said that): What have they been doing up at the microphone for the last two weeks?
  • Today’s motion on the constitutionality from Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison : the basis was that insurance law should be regulated by the states. Is this the same Senator who keeps getting up and wants to pass federal tort reform?
  • That "this bill isn’t change that was voted for, but is Washington as usual" from Senator John Cornyn: Would that be the same Senate that he has always been a part of? For the consumers sake, I hope it never gets that bad again.
  • No one has seen this bill (again a regular mantra of the delayers) : They follow this claim with a list of problems that are in the bill. So when did you see it?
  • They invoke Ted Kennedy, the Obama change election and what the American people want. I would like to know when any of these Senators have ever fought for anyone in that group.
  • The deficit: When did they ever say a peep about money as we were pouring money into a lie driven war for 8 years?
  • That deals had to be made to get to 60? Duh. They follow that with complaint that they weren’t included. So let me get this one straight, Reid was working with people who wanted to be worked with but apparently there was some invisible barrier to these talented Senators from being a part of those deals. They didn’t want to be.

When it comes down to it, with the diversity of the 60 members that it has taken to pass this bill, the bill really is about as bipartisan as you are going to get. The bill is far from perfect, but it is heading in the right direction.

This is a group in the Senate who only care about politics. Who have put their small tent party ahead of doing what needs to get done for the whole country.

It looks like the delay may be over soon and we will get a vote tomorrow. But, even with that, Harkin’s request to not make this the first vote on Christmas Eve since 1895, was denied. I would assume the liar’s will go home and eat well. If they or their families get sick,they will have their golden health coverage and maybe at some point they will meet one of these people who will be getting covered finally. I bet they take credit.


  1. Gravatar for true dat

    Nice unbiased article.I'm being sarcastic in case you cant figure it out.I'm a union menber who is now going to be taxed on my & my familys health care benefits.Nice job Dems.I'm going to vote out every Dem next year.

  2. Gravatar for Mike Bryant

    The point of the article wasn't to be biased or not. It was to point out the hypocrisy by the opposition. This is not a perfect bill and while I doubt that you will see the tax concern that you are waiting for, that is a lagitamate concern. How do we pay for this?, why not a public option?, why did the health insurance companies get so much protection? All things that other writers here at the IB have addressed.

    Again all things that you or anyone could be discussing here.

    But look again at what I wrote. They had no interest in passing anything. Even this am the Minority leader gets up and complains about the timing of the vote. THEY WON"T LET IT HAPPEN LAST NIGHT. It is snake oil sales.

    As for the election, I personally will wait to see who is running and where things are at come November. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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