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April Fools! Actually, I was thinking about this again this year, it would help a lot if everyone looked at working toward that goal. Legitimate lawsuits are based upon negligence by the defendant. No fault and there is no claim. Lawsuits can be eliminated by stopping the negligence. More importantly, lawsuits will be reduced by reducing the causes. Here at the Injuryboard, many of the members have blogged on ways to do this:

This whole year, there have been ongoing attempts to stop lawsuits by capping damages or simply outlawing claims. Texas stopped them in this manner. Sure the malpractice insurance companies saved money, but were the injured consumers better off? Why didn’t the Texas legislature nd the others, look at reasonable changes, such as the Minnesota requirement that an affidavit of peer review be affirmed before a claim can be brought? This requires proof that a qualified expert will testify that the standard of care was not met in the case. These changes go a long way to assuring the claim is legitimate.

Today, will be filled with both silly jokes. But, some of them will raise legitimate issues about what can be done to make things better for everyone.

We meet with injured people all the time, who know that what they are living is no joke. So I mean no offense with this topic. It’s clear that there are forces who want to eliminate these claims without any concern for the person injured. While I find a number of the arguments inflammatory and inaccurate, it’s clear that there are solutions that can work for everyone.

Have a great day with a lot of fun. Maybe enjoy the start of baseball and the signs of spring. Keep in mind there are better and safer ways to do things.

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