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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

There has been an going mantra from fans of tort reform that the main reason you need medical malpractice change is that doctors are quitting and fleeing states because of premiums. Many of the writers here at the Injuryboard have looked at this issue. There really doesn’t seem to be support for the claim.

But, there are areas that are seeing reduced numbers of doctors. The question is why? A special report may have found some of them. The report found:

Doctors have been flocking to the area and surrounding Westchester County since the 1970s, drawn in part by an upper-class clientèle who demand top-notch medical care and have the means to pay for it.

The answer was that money is what drove doctors to an area. Is that why Texas , with it’s high medical costs, is seeing more doctors in the area? As TortDeform recently pointed out:

Ask a doctor if they’d rather practice in White Plains, where everyone has health insurance and the doctor risks being sued, or if they’d rather practice in the California central valley (or any other poor, uninsured area) and be completely immune to malpractice lawsuits. Most doctors are going to pick White Plains because money matters.

It’s time that we get beyond the myths and into what, not only makes sense, but also is the reality of what is going on. Minnesota doesn’t have damage caps and it has medical facilities continuing to sprout up all over.

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