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Doctors are now looking to blue mice to deal with spinal injuries. Apparently, through the injection of Brilliant Blue G into injured mice, researchers are seeing substantial signs of healing. The tested mice are more active and moving about, as compared to the control group which showed no improvement and couldn’t walk. The mice also turn blue.

It is thought that the Brilliant Blue G blocks the problem that creates inflammation in the injured spinal cord. Limiting or preventing the inflammation is understood to prevent extensive irreversible damage. The researchers from the University of Rochester will be continuing the research with clinical trials. The blue dye is found in M and M’s, Jell-O, candy, and drinks thus is approved for human consumption.

In our practice we see a number of these types of injuries. It would be great if they could find more remedies to help these people. As lead researcher Maiken Nedergaard pointed out "Even a moderate improvement in functional performance of the patient is a big, big event for these patients,…They can control their bladder. If they can just take small steps instead of sitting in a wheelchair all the time, it’s a tremendous benefit for these patients," Hopefully, this research will help a lot.


  1. Mike: Very interesting information. To be trapped in a functionless body is completely unimaginable. If this research creates a glimmer of hope for these unfortunate people I say full speed ahead. Hopefully, the promise in mice translates into promise for humans.

  2. Gravatar for Mike Bryant

    It is very interesting research, hopefully it will make a long term difference. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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