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Here at the Injuryboard we work to address common questions that get asked in our practice. When there is a tragedy like the Gulf Oil Spill, this can be a place where questions can be answered. Up here in Minnesota, it isn’t an event that I would expect to get involved in, but I do think that people should be making sure they are protecting themselves and asking the question: Should I wait to hire an attorney?

A lawyer’s most important job after an injury is collecting evidence. Do you know what photos, papers and testing will be important? A good lawyer knows. While it may take a long time to get your case to the point of settlement, there are many things that a skilled personal injury attorney can do to document and help prove your case.

In a case like this tragedy, we know the government is out there dealing investigating, but with at the same time we know that big corporations can’t always be expected to look out for the consumer. You need someone on your side.

Early investigation can mean the difference between proving or not proving a claim. Reserves for cases can be made very early. Those numbers need to be updated to ensure that those reserves are appropriate and reevaluated. Hiring the right person helps in making the regular updates and keeps you from making mistakes by talking to the adjuster yourself.

It is sad to see damage done to a case because the clients waited to hire experienced council. Remember, it doesn’t cost any more to hire a lawyer early rather than later!

So take the time and read some good advice:

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