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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

The Minneapolis Tribune had a enlightening series about the growing problems in nursing homes. In a series called Deadly Falls, they looked at the deaths of more than 1,000 Minnesota seniors since 2002.

In a opinion piece the writers again looked at the series and now question the adequacy of staffing. As nursing home expert Charlene Harrington told the newspaper, ”I think it’s really related to the inadequate staffing. Totally related. And, you know, the damage is untold.” They pointed out that with the reduced funding that homes are seeing, there is less staff at the same time when the need for this type of care continues to grow.

Hubert Humphrey talked about the way a society is doing could be judged by the way they cared for their elderly. This story is a example of treatment at it’s lowest.

Nursing Homes are often medical necessary for many families. They can be very expensive. They are the residents homes surrounded by professionals in charge of caring for them. The place they should always feel safe.

If you have a family member in a nursing home , it is important to look around on each visit. Be vigilante in certain areas. Look for signs of Physical Abuse, Neglect, and Verbal/Emotional abuse. If you see signs of abuse:

  • Contact the Nursing Home Administrator and tell them your concerns.
  • Contact the Minnesota Board of Aging.
  • Contact the police department in the municipality where the abuse occurred.

It’s important that we protect all of those that have contributed to society and who are the most vulnerable.

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