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The Toyota tale gets a little more interesting all of the time. We have different stories about what the problem was. We have the clear indication that they have known what was going on for years. There is even evidence that they have been actively hiding the truth. But, was the government helping?

I have been intrigued by the answers coming out of many Republican leaders recently concerning the need to get government out of business. The old free market claims that include the claims that what we have now is Socialist activity.

Did these same people not stand in line for government handouts? Were they not around to see what a fabulous example of a well run market we have, as the market got what was almost free run over the last eight years? What government agency wasn’t providing protection on one hand and freedom to pillage with the other?

The news we hear now is that Toyota was able to escape early disclosure because they hired from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It looks like their job duties included the fine work of shutting down government investigations. They were successful in shutting down four of these investigations that would have potentially prevented a lot of these problems. They probably would have allowed consumers to knowingly make product purchases based upon what was really going on with the company.

The administration that let this happen really should be ashamed at what it allowed to have happen to the consumers. Maybe, take a little responsibility and spend less time trying to rewrite history and pick fights with the present administration that was stuck with this mess.

Mark Bello had a great piece recently about what needs to be done in the Toyota case.

"Legal Armada" Against Toyota Begins: Remember Who The "Bad Guys" Are ,| February 12, 2010 10:02 AM

This is an example of why personal injury lawyers are vital to making this system work. We don’t want to run the system and are just as happy as anyone else when the economic system is running well. But, that system needs to be free of gaming and involve protections for the consumer. The whole Constitution needs to be looked at for all of it’s protections and that includes making those who hurt the consumer pay for it.

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