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Mike Bryant
| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

The Diocese of Fargo released a list today of 19 priests and deacon creditably accused of sexually abusing minors.  Up until now  these lists have been hidden.   Atypically they didn’t provide the list of the priests assignments and it is unclear whether they notified   parishes that these credibly accused priest had worked.

The List

Last name First name Year of ordination Year of death Status
Amiott William 1960 Removed from ministry; laicized
Belleau Jules 1925 1973 Deceased
Binder Julius 1939 1991 Deceased
Burque Lucien 1926 1976 Deceased
Cullen Martin 1957 Removed from ministry
Fish Eugene 1997 Removed from ministry
Gallagher Kenneth 1966 2010 Removed from ministry; laicized; deceased
Jeffrey C. James 1959 2017 Deceased
Jene Alex 1942 1971 Deceased
Patejko Zbigniew (Gregory) 1953 1996 Deceased
Rausch* Cletus 1993 Removed from ministry
Roth John 1941 1992 Deceased
Sayasaya Fernando 1995 Removed from ministry; laicized, imprisoned
Sinner Richard 1952 2004 Removed from ministry; deceased
Storey* Allan 1988 Removed from ministry; laicized
Tuohy John 1927 1960 Deceased
Vasques George 1983 1989 Removed from ministry; deceased
Wanzek John 1950 1991 Deceased
Wild David 1953 2008 Removed from ministry; deceased

*indicates a deacon, not a priest

They also released a list of non-clergy

Last name First name Year of ordination Year of death Status Diocese/Religious Order
Anthony Abraham 1986 2010 Deceased Diocese Simla-Chandigarh, India
Gonnelly Theophane 1947 2005 Deceased Benedictine (OSB)
Hagarty Patrick 1941 Unknown Deceased Archdiocese of Omaha
Odor Luke 1980 Unknown Diocese Aba, Nigeria
Picard Laurent 1969 1989 Deceased Archdiocese Grouard-McLennan, Canada
Reilly James 1944 1990 Deceased Benedictine (OSB)
Schwartz Peter 1962 2003 Deceased Benedictine (OSB)
Smyth John (Brendan) 1951 1997 Imprisoned; deceased Norbertines (O. Praem)


a brother  in the dioceses

  • Last name First name Year of ordination Year of death Status Religious Order
    Rose Brother Raimond N/A 2015 Deceased Christian Brothers of the Midwest

and those that are on other lists , but served in Fargo

Last name First name Year of ordination Year of death Status Diocese/Religious Order
Bouche Dennis 1945 1995 Deceased Diocese of Green Bay
Conlon Timothy 1979 Removed from ministry, dismissed from the Croisiers Crosiers
Dougherty Steven 2003 Removed from ministry; criminal conviction Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT)



other articles of interest:

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The Archdiocese Lists Are Not Enough 

The names are now disclosed,  there are more lists that exist out there,  and there are many more names to find.

Abuse of children and the continued silence by the offenders needs to be prevented. If you suffered, saw, or suspected such events, it is important to know that there is help out there.

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