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I have pointed out a slip and fall website recently and thought it was worth going through one of the tests on the site. One of the sections has the ten questions to ask a lawyer you are thinking to hire:

1. Is my case factually AND legally sufficient to pursue?
Sometimes it takes additional investigation to be sure, but in most cases if we didn't think that the case was sufficient, we wouldn't have signed it up.

2. How much can I expect to pay for your services?
There are no upfront costs. We get paid a third of what is recovered plus we get the costs we have in the case back.

3. What kind of experience in slip and fall cases do you have?
We have each handled slip and fall cases throughout our careers. We have tried them, settled many of them, and even been to the court of appeals in these types of cases.

4. What percentage of cases you take on deal with slip and fall accidents?
It varies, but a majority of what we do is still car collisions. Often, many of the injuries we have in slip and fall cases are of the same type that we have a greater percentage of.

5. Will you be the handling attorney?
The lawyer who signs up the case will be working with a Paralegal in the office, but they will always be the main lawyer on the case. We have monthly case reviews where all the lawyers are involved, but the case remains with the person you met and hired.

6. How much time to you plan to spend on my case?
Depends on what is needed. We will do whatever early investigation is needed, will review your medical records, and talk to your doctors to fully understand what your injuries are, and most importantly, will be there for you when you have questions,

7. What kinds of resources do you equip yourself with?
Often in these cases, we will use medical illustrations to show your injury to the fact finder. We use investigators and experts who work almost exclusively in cases that involve slip and falls. Finally, we have the experience and the ressources to expand and do something different if it is required due to what is discovered out about the case.

8. How many slip and fall cases have you tried in the last two years?
It will depend on when you ask, but at present the answer is three and one more case that went to the court of appeals. We have had many others during that time that settled.

9. How much time does it usually take you to resolve a slip and fall case?
Depends on the injury and the coverage. Often, it takes a year to get the best picture of what the total injury is and whether there will be the need for any type of additional surgeries. Beyond that, it is not unusual to have to sue the case out to get the other side to pay attention to the case. Depending on the county, it may take 6 months to two years to get a trial.

10. How much can I expect to receive in damages?
In most casees, we have no idea until all of the evidence is gathered and all medical opinions have been obtained. Hopefully, the answer is not much because you got better. We won't be shy in talking to you about value when all of the information is obtained , but until then it would be a guess and not really the good advice that you hired us for.

You can read the reason for the questions and find out more here.

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