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In one of my recent posts  “Sexual Abuse Survivors Need Disclosure, Exposure,  and To Get Closure” I got an interesting comment:

12-21-2013 10-02-54 AM

There was a link to his site:

I found a post there : Parent screening against child abuse

In reading the post,  it seems a lot broader in its idea than the comments suggest.  I originally thought the comment was another Church apologist who was trying to place blame somewhere else.   However ,  that doesn’t appear to be the case.    Instead it seems to be trying to socially engineer the creation of children.

The biggest problem I see is  that there really isn’t a penalty.   You also really don’t know what parents are going to be like until they have kids, so you are guessing at best.

As it reflects on abuse,  it does point out that there is a vetting that does happen  with pedophiles.   They prey upon children who are alone, in broken families,  or troubled.   In some cases, they came from the same types of situations and were prayed upon themselves.

I don’t see licensing of parents as fixing the problem, however  I do see the advantage of parenting classes.   I also think that the continuing exposure of pedophiles,  with clear promises that coming forward will be heard  and be protected, is vital.


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