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Research from Scotland suggests that one is the safe number for a trampoline. The study found that 3/4 of all trampoline injuries come from multiple people being on a trampoline together. They also found that smaller jumpers are under heavier stress and susceptible to great risks because of the weight of other jumpers. There is also the danger of heads cracking together.

Injuryboard member Jeremy Thurman provided great information about trampoline injuries. Hopefully, this study will also provide people with better ways to protect each jumper.

Seems like a great way to still have fun, but also to protect everyone.

These cases can be complicated. Often, there are coverage issues which require the right attorney with the right knowledge and experience.

It’s a lot easier to be safe.


  1. Gravatar for Jeff Blackwell

    When it comes to trampolines, one at a time is certainly safer. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has guidelines on this very issue. A few years ago, I helped a young girl and her family after she suffered severe injuries as a result of too many people on a trampoline. Another child landed on her leg, severely breaking it. The break was so severe, she had to be flown by helicopter to a specialty trauma center.

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