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The U S Chamber has produced another attempt at their anti lawsuit ads. This time they go with a very nice lady who tells the story about a group of kids who apparently lost their place to play basketball at a place called Basketball Town. All because of a lawsuit that they claimed to have gone on forever, included hours of phone calls, and was successful despite their ADA compliance. There really isn’t enough substance to the ad to really even guess what really happened, but as she says at the end; "This has got to stop"

Were they over charged by the defense attorneys? Did they really comply with the ADA or was it just the fire code? Why in the world did the judge have them on the phones for all that time? Why didn’t they take the free elevator that they were offered? Why is the U S Chamber again really on these emotional abuse of children ads that really seem to have no substance? Other stories about this case add that maybe they really had an issue with their landlord, because basketball town actually sued the property management.

Let’s say the lawsuit was completely made up. Maybe they could have asked for a dismissal when they were on the phone with the judge. Let’s say the suit had merit, maybe they should have taken responsibility instead of using it as an example of the victim mentality.

When it comes down to it, the U S Chamber continues to just distort whatever happened, to again broadly call for the shutting of courthouse doors on ordinary Americans.Frivolous arguments with at best anecdotal guessable facts to take away constitutional rights. Hopefully, more and more people are seeing this for what it is.

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