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This week, Pope Benedict XVI has convened a rare meeting of more than 100 cardinals from around the world for discussions of church policy. A number of priest will be elevated to the position of Cardinal. But, what else can be done?

Jeff Anderson, from Anderson and Associates put out a call that they address the churches international problem of sexual abuse. It is a issue that must be dealt with:

Will any of those exalted leaders have the courage to stand up and encourage those among them who are guilty to stop the stonewalling and start the healing?

Not likely.

But, no matter what happens tomorrow in Rome, let them be reminded that there are courageous souls all over this world who will not give up the fight. After the summit, and after the apologies, the Hierarchy of the Church will still have to answer to the men and women survivors who have suffered the denials of generations of Vatican leaders. Their day in court awaits them.

Now there may also be talk about social media, and condom use by male prostitutes. I’m sure they are seen as important issues. But, with the ongoing black mark out there on the Church leaders , it’s time that they answer the issues Mr. Anderson raises.

If you suffered, saw or suspected such events it is important to know that there is help out there.


  1. Gravatar for glorybe1929

    The Roman Catholic Church should be taken to the World Court for Crimes Committed Against humanity and also they are not a Non Profit organization.

    Go get em, you guys!

  2. There is much to be done and many people to still answer for what suffering they caused others. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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