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The more and more I am around survivors, I hear all sorts of reasons for why these horrific attacks were either reported or not reported.  So many cases of the supposed right people being told and assurances being given and then nothing is done.   Transfers are made and the eventual destination is never disclosed.  In other cases the children were threatened and simply lived in silence.

I was  recently alerted to a very interesting article on the Stop Abuse website:

10 Reasons Parents Don’t Discuss Child Sexual Abuse

This is must read information to understand where very easy mistakes are made.  That it is mindsets which add to the belief that things didn’t really happen or that secrecy is the best path.   I found especially interesting number 6:


  • I would know if something happened to my child.

    Actually, child sexual abuse is difficult to detect because frequently there are no physical signs of abuse. The emotional and behavioral signs that may accompany sexual abuse can be caused by a variety of triggers.

Unfortunately,  there are far too many parents who trusted and thought they were being helped with the attention their child was receiving.   That the time away was good for both of them, never even considering the horror their child was going through.   The children are just children and they aren’t adults who would understand  what is going on in the same way.

Hopefully, many people will take the time to understand the need to talk early to children.  To assure them that they will be believed and to provide them with the safe environment that they deserve.


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