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| Bradshaw & Bryant PLLC

This past week, law enforcement groups in Minnesota have been announced that DUI patrols will be increased for the holiday season. Since a lot of our work is in Stearns County, which ranks as one of the deadliest county for DUI deaths in the State of Minnesota this is significant news. The patrol is an effort to combat that problem.

In the Duluth News Tribune, Dr. Christopher Delp, an emergency physician at St. Luke’s, in Duluth has pointed out:

December is the busiest month in the emergency room for motor vehicle crashes. Almost 40 percent of the major trauma victims have alcohol levels well above the legal limit, he said. Walking into the waiting room and seeing the hopeful faces of a victim’s family and friends — and then having to tell them that their loved one is in critical condition or has been killed by a drunken driver — is one of the most difficult jobs he must do.

The announcement is intended to remind people of the dangers of drinking and Driving and also add to the ongoing discussion about the problem. With the number of deaths caused by driving while intoxicated increasing in the State, this is a noble effort.

It's important we all keep the following in mind:

Don't Drink and Drive

Use designated Drivers

Always remember that the more you drink the increase chance you will make bad choices.

As Drivers on the road: It's also worth keeping in mind, the deadliest roads in Stearns county to try to stay away from at night.

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