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Recent figures suggest that there is more drinking and boating on Minnesota lakes. The numbers of arrests by the water patrols are at a 5 year high. A quarter of all boat fatalities involving alcohol. One of the suggestions is that because of high gas prices, more people are anchoring and drinking instead of traveling the lakes.

Representatives of MADD suggest that there is a sense that being on a wide open lake some how creates a sense of security that is different than a car. But considering that the boat is often over very deep and cold water, the reverse may be true.

With the availabilities of bars at the edge of the water, warm days and many rides focusing on fun, it’s not surprising that drinking is involved. But, dangers of drinking and driving need to be understood no matter what is being driven. The danger may be future multiplied as the boat rider docks and drives home.

As always the the dangers of a bad choice when drinking needs to be prevented. Don’t drink and drive on the roads or the waters.

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