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With the opening of pools across the country, it’s important that parents be thinking ahead about safety. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission released a 14-page report this week that found 300 children die and another 3000 are seriously injured in pools and spas each year.

Minnesota saw the tragic death of Abigail Taylor which helped change federal and state laws. Hopefully, the drain changes will lead to a safer season for all children.

Last Year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission sent out a Swimming Pool Safety Alert. The report also included the following suggestions:

Always check the pool first if a child is missing, reaction time is vital.

-Learn CPR

– Never use a pool or spa with a missing or broken drain cover.

– Don’t run when you are around the pool.

– Take the time to teach children to swim. My own boys have been taking lessons for years. It helps to have the peace of mind that they know many of the safety rules.

For those interested in more information they should visit


  1. Gravatar for Daniel 8791

    The case with Abigail Taylor a few years ago was a very trying and sad story that I remember quite clearly. Hopefully the word on the drain covers has made it to all locations with pools across the United States (and other countries too). Also running near a pool is extremely dangerous, not so much as for falling into the water; but more so for slipping and falling down hard on the deck. My cousin Tara once took a terrible spill after running around my uncle's pool and ended up with a badly sprained ankle and some nasty scrapes. It could have been a lot worse than that, as cracking my head near a pool has always been a recurring fear of mine since I was a child..... Please know the safety rules around pools, they are listed above as a good reminder. And enjoy summer while it's here for a few short months.

  2. Gravatar for Mike Bryant

    The Abigail Taylor case and what they knew about it, is a horrible example of neglect. Thanks for taking the time to post the story of your cousin and to read my post.

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