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Earlier this month, a federal safety board recommended that all states should lower their illegal BAC levels to .05. Arguing that by lowering the level, it would be a clear message that no level of drunk driving would be tolerated on the roads.

Each year, about a third of the more than 30,000 people who are killed each year on U.S. highways are due to drunk driving. It is a level that has remained consistent despite improvement in overall death levels due to safer cars and the increased use of seatbelts. Currently, over 100 countries use .05 as their top level.

The one concern I have is the poor overall state of public transportation in this country. There is absolutely no reason to be driving at all in an area where you can get anywhere by train or cab. That is why it is a no-brainer in Europe. While having to drive isn't an excuse , it is a realistic issue. The legislatures that look at this issue should also be putting money into public transportation to ensure that it is easier to follow.

The death numbers are too high. Maybe increased law enforcement and the legislature could go even further by looking at .05. It also may require another look at the joint and several laws. When the law was revised, bars were granted reduced liability when they serve a drunk and the drunk causes a tragedy. Let's see if even more can be done to make things safer.

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