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As personal injury attorneys, we deal with injured parties and often the insurance companies that are providing coverage. I sometimes see lessons learned as people hear of the loss that the injured person or their family suffered. But, people do tend to distance themselves from the pain and suffering of others.

That’s why it’s important that the public also hear about what happens with people who caused the loss. The things that could have been changed to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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I came across a couple more examples that people will look at:

  • Last week, a Minnesota man was charged in Iowa for hitting a bicyclist with his van near Spencer. The charge was failure to stop in an assured clear distance.
  • A grand jury in Dakota County indicted a 19-year-old St. Paul woman with criminal vehicular homicide after she was believed to have been distracted while driving and caused a crash that killed a mother and her two young children. Her vehicle crossed the median on Highway 52 in April 2008 and created the tragedy.
  • A teenage driver is being investigated after three were killed in Lakeville in a head on collision. The driver is said to have been reaching down to turn on his headlights when he crossed over on county road 50 into the oncoming vehicle. He had had his license for five weeks.

Charges that include horrific events, but may not have been cases where the person went out on the road and ever expected that this was possible. Hopefully, the message continues to get out that people need to think about driving while they are driving.

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