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The focus of the Legal Examiner is to avoid injuries. Despite the group of comments that call us blood suckers or leeches, it clearly seems that a number of consumers are being helped. All of us know that people are going to get hurt and that we can't prevent everything. We also know that the happiest clients we ever have are the ones we help who get better quick and rarely collect anything other than their bills. We don't get paid much, but the happy client sends many others our way.

One of the reasons we are all writing about avoiding injuries, is that we don't like seeing people hurt. We also understand the personal costs that the injuries cause people. There is also the cost to the state that needs to be looked at. According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, 216 accidents on one given day throughout the state amounted to $4,044,730. Throughout the year, the cost to the state was somewhere around $1.5 billion.

That is a lot of money that could saved if more drivers followed three simple rules:

– Don't drink and drive

– Wear your seat belt

Slow down.

The classic three reasons for so many of the collisions that make their way into our office. Hopefully, the trends of less highway deaths will continue. But, as always, it requires all of us to think safety.

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