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It is always interesting as we get potential clients calling who are either in the midst of a beauty contest between lawyers (there has got to be a joke there) or are thinking about handling their case on their own. It always revolves around money. It seems that the thought is that if they handle their own case, or if they are able to find a lawyer who does the cheapest work, that they will get the most money. That would be true if their case was valued at and no matter who handled it, the insurance companies would pay.

The problem is, there is no book or statute that lays out the value of cases. Therefore, cases are everything from A to Z in value even with almost the identical facts. A lawyer with experience, the resources to battle the defendants, and one who truly does possess the hammer to go to trial, is more likely going to get more money for a case than a lawyer who dabbles in a particular personal injury area.

There are many times where you need to spend money on experts, exhibits or reports in order to get the insurance company to move off their low offers. While at times you will hear from insurance companies that it does not matter to them that the case is in suit, the lawyer who is going to go to trial and put their feet to the fire should clearly be able to push them to get serious as far as settlement goes.

Beyond that, there are always questions concerning what health insurance companies get money back, what amount they get back, and what needs to be done to ensure that years from now something does not pop up that was not taken care of.

Looking at everything, I would submit that hiring a skilled and experienced trial lawyer is going to get that person more money in the long run. However, it is always their case. If a person decides that doing it on their own or the cheapest route is of some benefit, who am I to tell them different? They may even get their case done faster because that cut rate lawyer is looking more at a quick, easy fee than at evaluating the case.

It is important to know your rights, make sure that all coverages have been explored, and that you are fully protected. It is not a time to be cheap or quick.


  1. Gravatar for J. Manuel Acevedo
    J. Manuel Acevedo

    Great article. Too bad those persons thinking about handling a case on their own are the ones that most need to read your article but the least likely to take the time to do so.

  2. Actually, I think a lot of those people are on line, hopefully they will at least read the correct stuff. Thanks for reading and the comment.

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