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I was looking at the top retweeted messages for 2012 and was wondering what, if anything, they tell us. Three of the five involved famous people: President Obama, Justin Bieber, and Japan anime actor Kouichi Yamadera, So let's start with the obvious that being famous played a role.

But, looking deeper the messages were

– The reelection

– A cancer death

– The replacement refs

– England's Olympic success

– A wedding.

I see hope and sorrow. There is forward thinking on with what will come with the Obama election and a new union. There was loss with the sad death of a child so young. Great symbols of how people react to the good and bad of life. That they want to be a part of great things and also express their pain or anger at what is lost.

The numbers are staggering when you see that hundreds of thousands of people passed the message along or favorited it. A chance to look back at something that touched them or to send out to their followers.

I try to think about each of these elements with every case. To get to that real story that will be something the jury will want to hold on to. Would a juror hold on to this message or want to pass it on? Can we get beyond the insurance companies ongoing jury poisoning of messages that :

– Everyone sues for nothing.

– Everyone is greedy.

– That cases are big scams.

-The responsibility rests only with the injured and not the defendant who caused it.

Millions of dollars have gone into these messages. They have been "favorited" in people's heads through stories about McDonalds coffee and lawn mowers used as hedge cutters. Messages that were based on lies, but have seeped into the minds of many.

My hope is always that the facts will make it through and that the "favorites" that show that millions can care will exist in the local juror box.

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