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There are a number of items out there that people sometimes rely upon for preventing dui’s. As a firm, we’ve given out cards that chart the resulting intoxication level with each drink, cards that include your rights when stopped and keychaines with contact information. A Dallas firm is selling Keychain Breathalyzer. I’ve seen bars that have larger units, you can put a quarter in and test yourselves there.

Maybe one of these things will save a person from a stop. Probably the best thing they do is remind the drinker that they really shouldn’t be driving. The police themselves have their doubts.

Sgt. Steve Carbajal, a Tempe Police officer, "I would say a lot of them are novelty items," he said. "I would question the reliability of some of these devices that you can purchase at the store. Obviously, it’s not to the level of equipment that we use to measure blood alcohol concentration during our investigations,"

It’s safer to use a designated driver who sticks to soda. With St Patrick’s Day around the corner, it’s important to not drink and drive. Too many deaths come from drinking and driving, so if you are taking the test it’s probably a clue that you shouldn’t be driving at all.

If you are stopped, it’s important that you review all your rights with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. But, it’s much better if you don’t need the representation at all.

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