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This past week has been a bad one for the officers that patrol our roads. In eight separate cases, they were hit as they were out on the road doing their job. 31 troopers have been hit since November.

These are officers who are on the roads doing their jobs. Protecting society and doing their work in full uniform with lights going. I have had the honor on a number of occasions to represent some of Minnesota’s finest. Usually, they are hit by cars going too fast and not giving them the room they need.

Minnesota law requires all cars to move over one lane when emergency vehicles are on the road. It’s pretty simple to keep those actions in mind. While the law doesn’t directly require a reduction in speed , it’s the safe thing to do and it is taking into consideration the conditions at the time.

If it’s wintry weather and the emergency vehicles are dealing with a car in the ditch, consider for a minute how the car got there. It’s probably a case of the road itself being especially slippery in the very same area. A couple of times a year, we will be involved in layered car accidents where one car hits another and within the next ten minutes, two or three more impacts take place. A good look out and slowing down will make a difference. Also if you are in an accident, make sure you clear yourself and all passengers away from the dangers of oncoming cars.


  1. Gravatar for Roger Hackett

    No doubt speed is a factor in most cases,not sure if they could slow enough in some cases if they did see the patrol unit.Current light bars in use are very visible from the direct front or rear and that is all.Rotating lights previously used reflected of evrything around them,low or high profile vehicles.Recently i read of a state car struck in a parking lot.If lights were off vehicle color has to be a factor,big factor.

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