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Recently, I was interested to hear from a fellow blogger that the way a person found him on the internet was to google "cut throat lawyer". He apparently had written something that used the words to describe an action by someone else, but he still showed up in the search. I would guess there is some urinal advertiser or billboard with boxing gloves that may start using a bloody knife now that they heard someone made a search for the words.

Personally, I find it interesting when a person who usually would join in the chores of tort reform and misstatement of Shakespeare’s "kill all the lawyers" goes looking for one of us. Often, they want the most aggressive, hard hitting, and throat cutting one possible. Thing is, those don’t really exist. Sure, there are some who claim they do that on TV. Often, at the same rate the fake TV doctors really perform surgery.

They come in with the " I have a real case" or "I had no idea what a whiplash really was" statement, which really puts them in the same category as all of our clients. People who never planned to be hurt, were hurt through no fault of their own, and who just want to get better, pay their bills, and be made whole. Although, these regular clients haven’t spend any time railing against lawsuits and trial lawyers or even really thought about the issue .

What you should be looking for is experienced lawyers who will try the case if they have to, but know what questions to ask. Lawyers like we have here at Injuryboard who see you as more than just a dollar figure. Lawyers who the insurance companies know will fight on your behalf. Most of all, lawyers who will not claim to be anything other than your advocate.

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