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I wonder how many people say that when they are talking to an adjuster. It is the equivalent to saying you are going to bring your big brother to the fight, I guess. Some of them do call later. They explain their case and get to the point when they told the adjuster that they would make that call.

It's funny, I almost never hear that the adjuster says "Go ahead, I dare you". Why? Because many of them are trained to deal with the unrepresented. They save money when that happens. People don't often know all their rights and most have no idea what their case is worth. So often, the little compromises may just be a part of the training.

I've told many clients that they probably are smart enough to figure things out. I'm sure that there are people who do a fine job representing themselves, and if they are happy with the amount , it's not my job to tell them different. However, it's like me trying to change my own tire, drive a semi, or even fold clothes. I just am not that good at it.

It is always worth getting beyond the hollow threat and actually talking to an experienced lawyer who does this type of work and making sure that you understand all of your rights. Or maybe even better, you hire someone to do what they do best and probably get a better result for you.

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