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If you are in a collision, it's not always a benefit that both cars have the same insurance. Sure you have some advantages with dealing with your own friendly company, such as a wavier of your deductible. But, are those really great things?

Considering it's the other cars fault, why should you have to pay a deductible? Didn't you pay your premiums on time? Did they ever call and say what a great payer you are?

The area where we see the biggest problem is that the company seems to be really trying to protect greater payouts. A recent example is a person who contacted us because they were having a problem getting their property damage paid. There was a liability fight going on, with a case where it really was ridiculous. The other car was clearly at fault.

Guess what? It was the same company. So were they really concerned about the additional UIM coverage? Because this was a severe injury. Even that real nice adjuster is often thinking about the bottom line. Although, it really is the mean ones that get us more business.


  1. Gravatar for Angel King

    my brother lives in NC and has Allstate insurance for his vehicles. my brother was recently in an accident where a motorist hit him head on.

    a woman had overshot her destination and decided that instead of taking "the long way" to getting to the gas station she wanted to go to (pulling out to the correct side of the road, crossing traffic twice, having to wait for traffic and such) that she would simply pull out and drive on the wrong side of the road to get to her destination.

    my brother had just rounded a corner on his motorcycle and was struck by the woman. now he is facing bankruptcy over his medical bills because both he and the woman have Allstate, and allstate is trying to lowball my brother by tens of thousands of dollars. Is there any recourse to get Allstate to fulfill its obligations to pay my brother for damages, suffering, and lost job wages since it represents the party at fault as well?

  2. Call my good friend Pierce Egerton

    one of the lawyers here at the injuryboard.

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