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Due too a recent teenagers death following a collision, the Lakeville City Council is looking into whether the road speed is to fast on 205th Street. Presently, it is 50 mph and some are arguing that is to fast.

"We have thought for ten years that 50 miles is too fast through a residential area and have talked about lowering it before the accident," said the victim’s mother. Lakeville city officials said they were bombarded with phone calls after the sisters’ accident, urging them to do something about the set speed limit.

The Council has asked the Minnesota Department of Transportation to investigate the mile and a half stretch. Based on those findings, the council will determine if a reduction in speed is prudent.

No matter what is done drivers must always be aware of:

  • the amount and type of traffic sharing the highway with them. The traffic may be heavy or light and may include trucks, cars, motor homes, farm equipment, motorcycles and bicycles.
  • changing weather conditions—fog, snow, water and ice, for example—that affect visibility and road conditions.
  • the type of vehicle being driven, particularly the condition of the brakes and the weight of the vehicle, which affects braking ability.
  • the character of the highway the driver is traveling. Drivers should adjust their speed for hills or for winding and narrow roads.
  • the presence of intersections, railway grade crossings or pedestrians.

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