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Look outside, the sun is starting to shine and finally the ice is coming off the roofs. But, there is still piles of snow everywhere. With March being a historically snowy month, we are probably in for a couple more weeks of high snow. The snow is causing problems with narrow streets everywhere.

– Each corner you need to watch out for cars that have to come out further just to see if the way is clear. This means you need to slow down and take you time.

– Fire trucks are seeing streets that they would not be able to travel down, if there was a fire. So when possible park off the street so that you aren’t the impediment.

– The side walks are covered so that pedestrians are often walking out on the road. So slow down and keep alert.

– There isn’t much room as you drive down the street. Bike riders are being forced out closer to the center. Again a reminder to slow down and keep a look out.

Better weather can often mean greater speed. See what you can do, to keep the driving safe first.

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