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There is so much talk about tort reform and tainted juries here at the Injuryboard. I thought it was time to look at what a good system we have. Sure, there are frivolous defenses and under funded courts that will grant summery judgments as a way to lighten the load, but when you get to a jury it shows how the system works. When a regular person can take their grievance before a group of people like them.

There was a very interesting look at Medieval remedy’s by a Chicago economics professor Peter Leeson, that should be eye opening to all consumers. The point of his Boston Globe article was that there was a time where remedies of boiling in oil and eye-for-an-eye justice were what a consumer could look to.

Imagine having people who are injured in car accidents gunning down the defendant in the street. Or maybe setting up a system where you injure the person in the same way. Would a land of hooded hangman dispensing payback be a better way to go?

There could be a couple of benefits, we wouldn’t need to pay for insurance and there wouldn’t be any more tort reform debates on CSPAN. But then my guess is that some day someone would get the idea to replace the violent system with one that might look at a better way to run things. Maybe a system where people sought money damages. Where the local people would decide what was fair.

We have a system that makes sense and works for most people. It needs to be a fair and level playing field for all parties. It also helps if both sides have experienced council. It’s a system that I enjoy and appreciate no matter the up and down results.

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