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During the month of June, I am addressing common questions that get asked in our practice. Today’s Question is: Should I wait to hire an attorney?

A lawyer’s most important job after an injury is collecting evidence. Do you know what photos, papers and medical care will be important? A good lawyer knows. While it may take a long time to get your case to the point of settlement, there are many things that a skilled personal injury attorney can do to document and help prove your case. In some collisions, early investigation can mean the difference between winning and losing. Many insurance companies set the reserves for your case very early. They need to be updated to ensure that those reserves are appropriate and reevaluated. Hiring the right person helps in making the regular updates and keeps you from making mistakes by talking to the adjuster yourself.

It is often very sad for us to see damage done to an injury case becasue the clients waited to hire us. Remember, it doesn’t cost any more to hire a lawyer early rather than later!

These questions are not intended to replace a consultation with an attorney, nor do they take into consideration facts that may differ about your particular case. Here at the Injuryboard, we have experienced attorneys who can deal with your individual questions and best help you with your case. Feel free to get the help you need by contacting one of us.


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    Good advice from a good attorney.... And good clairity with the very important fact about not costing any more to hire a lawyer earlier rather than waiting until evidence of damage may be no longer there collect and present.

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