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Interesting story from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, about a Saudi woman who was tragically paralyzed when she was run over on her honeymoon by a speeder. Her request to the court is that he be paralyzed also. There is a biblical eye for an eye remedy here. Like the old west where you shot the person who killed your family member.

Here we have a tort system that deals with money as the compensation. Those who are fans of tort reform want to limit claims, but isn't it far better than a Draconian injury for injury idea? The aggrieved person has to have a remedy, unless you conclude that those injured are just SOL.

I see problems in the system we have, but the reality is that it is a great system for allowing anyone who has been wronged to bring the tortfeasor (or person at fault) to Justice. The insurance system we have also has it's many flaws, but it provides those who do things that are dumb and negligent from losing everything because of that they have done.

I do make money from the system, but it involves a job where I can help people who are angry or traumatically depressed because they didn't do anything to cause their injury. We have seen the person who feels a lot like it sounds this woman does. The work is meant to give them back as much of their loss as we can.

Looking at this story, I can see another reason why I think our system is so much better than everything else out there in the world.

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