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It seems like every couple of days we have someone calling in or coming to see us who has an offer on their case. It is a very small amount and involves a collision that took place just a couple of weeks ago. Unless the person isn't injured at all or the injuries are so catastrophic that there isn't anywhere near enough coverage, I have no idea how anyone could value the claim at that time.

It really is the equivalent of the insurance company chumming the waters like they are fishing. Throwing out $500.00 or a couple of thousand and seeing what will bite. Taking advantage of the person who really hopes to get better and is looking at needed money right then. Sometimes the offers are clear and the person knows that taking the money will settle the whole case, but other times it seems that the adjusters are really trying to get away with fraud on the person. Taking advantage of disabilities or the negotiation in balance to rip the person off again.

As I've written before, the adjuster is practicing law without a license. They are giving you legal advice as they talk about the claim. They are not on your side.

It is at best a very poor gamble. If you get better then you won't meet a threshold most likely and really don't deserve the money. However, if you are injured enough to have a permanent injury or over $4,000 in medical bills, they are most likely offering you a lot less than the case is worth. The money is being offered too early and it is simply for them to close a file.

It is worth your time to sit down with an experienced lawyer and understand your rights. Someone who will look at you as a person and not just a claim number.

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