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I have written about the issue of when teens should drive. Studies go deeper into the issues, of why teens are having problems while driving. Defining the "It can't happen to me" attitude, the study in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons found that education may be the key.

Of significance, the study found:

– Teens believe that they are better than their parents at multi-tasking while driving.

– That if they are injured medical technology has advanced enough to fix them.

– That their age and agility are enough to overcome poor driving conditions.

– That they consistently underestimate risks in driving and are more likely to believe that vehicle and highway design are bigger factors in crashes than human error.

Maybe all of these are a product of being young.

The conclusion has to be that teens need to be regularly reminded of and educated in the importance of safe driving.


  1. Mike: I absolutely agree with you. However, all of us, even the most experienced drivers, take driving for granted. I see woman applying make-up, talking on their cell phones and trying to drive, all at the same time. I see people eating and driving, reading and driving, texting and driving, mobile phoning and driving, talking to passengers and driving. I even witnessed a couple engaged in sexual activity while one of the two was driving. All of us need to take driving more seriously. All of us need to remember our responsibilities as drivers. Serious accidents ruin the lives of both the victims and the careless drivers that cause them. Be careful out there.

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