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The blog pack is looking at various issues that we see in our day to day practices, each writer is looking at a topic from our various perspectives.

David Mittleman and Devon Glass of Church Wyble, PC in Lansing, Michigan,

Pierce Egerton of Egerton & Associates P.A. in North Carolina,

Steve Lombardi of The Lombardi Law Firm in Des Moines Iowa

Wayne Parsons of The Parsons Law Firm in Hawaii

Rick Shapiro of Shapiro, Cooper, Lewis & Appleton, P.C. from Virginia and North Carolina

I addressed the issue of the adjuster being the first one there last week; today I want to look at what to do if they have a tape recorder or want to take a statement.

Some insurance contracts do require it. If it really is required by your insurance policy, the answer in many cases is going to be that it’s something you have to do at some point. However, a lawyer can to be prepared for the statement, and sit through the statement at your side, making sure your rights are protected. It is clear, when the adjusters are calling to get these statements, that they are doing it to limit their companies liability and in many cases, limit what it is they are going to eventually pay. By being the ones asking the questions, they control what information is obtained. It is not unusual, when we represent someone giving a statement, that we make sure additional questions are answered and information provided. We also have experienced the importance of certain questions and answers to have properly prepared you to answer these questions. Just like not signing anything, you should not consider giving a statement until you first talk to an attorney. The initial consultation is free, and can give you a better idea of the importance of what is about to happen.

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